Parameter name Parameter value
Nominal volume, m3 6,3
Fill factor 1,0
Working environment air
Density of the working environment, kg/m3, no more than 1,0х103
Working temperature, °С from minus 20 to 100
Estimated temperature, °C 100
Pressure, MPa (bar):
- worker
- settlement
- trial
0.8 (8)
1.0 (10)
1.2 (12)
Carrying capacity of one sling device (ears), ton 2
Allowance for corrosion and erosion compensation, mm 2
Material of the main structural elements (cover, bottom, flanges) St3sp*
Estimated service life, years 20, but not more than 1000 load cycles during the entire service life
Seismicity, points, not more than 6
Climatic performance U1
Tank group in accordance with SOU MPP 71.120 217:2009 4
Weight of the tank during hydrotesting, kg, not more than 7 900
* It is allowed to replace the structural material used in the manufacture of the reservoir with other materials allowed for use by regulatory documents, provided that the limits of application of these materials correspond to the operation of the reservoirs and do not impair the quality of the product.  



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