Poltavvagon LLC is a Ukrainian manufacturing enterprise that operates in the field of production for gas, oil, petrochemical and other industries and is currently undergoing a procedure for the production of wagon products, which is scheduled to be completed this year. For this purpose, two prototypes of tank cars for vegetable oils of model 15-1755P and tank cars for oil products of model 15-1755 have already been manufactured and tested with a positive conclusion.

Poltavvagon LLC is a modern high-tech production that produces products of the highest quality.

The company has a constant development, and is able to develop and develop new products.

We produce products according to our own design documentation, at the same time we have the opportunity to produce goods according to individual technical requirements of the customer.

Highly qualified staff responsibly relate to the tasks, take into account and meet customer requirements.

Our products are certified and meet the requirements of the "Rules of construction and safe operation of pressure vessels" NPAOP 0.00-1.81-18; "Vessels and devices steel welded" SOUMPP 71.120-217: 2009.

Also, together with the products, the company provides a passport, a certificate of quality of the manufacturer, a certificate of conformity, a permit for use.

Protective coating of underground tanks provides reliable corrosion protection and dielectric integrity in accordance with the requirements of DSTU B B.2.5-29: 2006 "Gas supply system. Underground steel pipelines", DSTU 4219-2003 "Steel main pipelines".

Today, Poltavvagon LLC is:

- availability of production facilities, which allows you to quickly provide the customer with the required number of products in the shortest possible time;

- high requirements for ensuring the proper quality of products;

- experience in serial production of cars, tanks, tanks;

- financial stability, which allows the use of flexible payment schemes for services.


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